Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to detect hidden cameras in fitting room?

Hello uols!

Ok entri ni simple, pendek dan padat. Hehe. Just nak share dengan korang macam mane nak detect hidden camera ni especially untuk gurls kat luar sana. Sebar-sebarkan ye!

In front of the fitting room, take your mobile phone and make sure that your mobile phone can make calls. Then, enter into the fitting room, and make a call. If u can't make a call, there is a hidden camera in the room! This is due to the interference of the fiber optic during signal transfer.

So, please share it with all girls to save them and even with boys to save their friends. BE ALERT ladies!

Macam-macalah dunia sekarang ni. Adoooiii...

Tata uols! Terima kasih sebab baca.

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